when is the right time to make an unfair dismissal claim

An unfair dismissal is troublesome and bad for both the employee as well as the business enterprise. According to the dismissal laws, the reason of dismissing an employee must be reasonable. Any dismissal that is not according to the given points is liable to claim for unfair dismissal. The person who is given the dismissal notice often thinks about the time that is right for making the unfair dismissal claim. Regarding the time, we have collected some information that is as follows:

· The right time to make a claim for unfair dismissal is soon after the dismissal notice is received. The employee shouldn’t wait for a long time to pass and should make the claim as soon as possible to make sure that it is heard.

· In most of the cases, 21 days is the highest limit but if we talk about the maximum period in which one can make a claim; we get the duration of three months. The first month begins with the effective date of termination given to the employee.

· In case the claim was made after a longer period, it’ll be accepted only if the reason of the delay is considered just by the claim receivers.